Why can’t the left and the right even agree on what constitutes a human right?

Someone on the left might say every human has a right to free healthcare and free College. While someone on the right might say human rights only include freedom of speech and freedom of religion. To know who’s right, you need to know the difference between positive and negative rights. Negative rights come with a duty not to interfere. Therefore, you have this right if somebody else doesn’t jump into your life and actively takes it away. Things like freedom of speech and freedom of religion would fall in this category. Positive rights, on the other hand, come with a duty to interfere. Therefore, you do not have this right unless somebody else actively pays for it and/or provides it to you. Things like free College and free healthcare would fall in this category. The reason why the left is generally wrong on this issue is that they believe in positive rights, which don’t exist. This is because you cannot have a right to anything that would require the labor and resources of another person to provide.